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    Prepare for the future, find the leader in you who will guide your company through changing environments

    In the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment the best companies adapt quickly. The big question is, which Leadership is needed to navigate your company through this changing environment. Going from change initiatives to organizations in constant change, we will need to development new leadership abilities.

    Recent study from the Economist Intelligence Unit shows that only 10% of organizations are effectively achieving its strategic goals. As business consultants focused on Strategy Design and Leadership, the Leadership Academy Amsterdam, has identified that successful organizations evaluate the alignment between strategy, organizational culture and leadership, before implementing a new strategy. In this course we will dive deep into discovering the right type of Leadership needed to implement your strategy successfully.

    We will explore four Leadership personas that support your organization in order to be prepared for the future


    Reflective Leader

    Develop the ability to lead yourself, by being self-aware and harmonizing your purpose, values and vision, for your personal, private and professional life.

    Connected leader

    Learn how to build relationships, seek information, make sense of observations and share ideas through an intelligent use of new technologies.

    Visionary leader

    Understand how to co-create a shared vision with your staff and stakeholders.

    Agile leader

    Develop the ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions, whilst holding true to your purpose, values and vision.

    Due to the rapid changing environment many companies need to develop and implement new strategies. To secure a seamless implementation of new strategies, alignment with Leadership and Organizational culture is a must!


    When defining the Leadership needed, you should have your scope directed to the future.


    A basic framework on how to approach the topic of Leadership is presented and practiced.


    You will be offered the opportunity to reflect on your own Leadership competencies and be prepared to start a discussion about these competences in your organization


    Organizations that pro-actively discuss Leadership as a tool for success are more able to successfully implement their strategy

    Key takeaways and outcome of the program

    Through interactive presentations and open discussion, the trainer will deliver a thought provoking session, providing you with the key information, details and facts needed in an engaging and memorable environment. On completion of this course, delegates will:

    Understand the effect

    The VUCA-world has on Leadership in general and get acquainted with the four general leadership characteristics to cope with it.

    Gain insight

    On how these four leadership characteristics can support you in the COVID-19 crisis.

    Learn and practice

    How to discover the Leadership characteristics needed to implement the set strategy successfully in your organization.

    Who should attend?

    Are you a leader who needs to learn to lead in today’s complex environment?

    This course is for you.

    Are you an HR-responsible and responsible for Leadership (development) in your organization?

    Get inspired to create a (new) Leadership strategy for your organization

    Were you recently promoted into a management position?

    Get up to speed on how to make the most of your new role.

    Do you have new leadership responsibilities due to a reorganization or expansion?

    Learn to use your most natural leadership style to exceed your organization’s expectations.

    Are you facing new challenges managing staff or the pace of change?

    Gain new perspectives and strategies.

    Do you aspire towards a leadership role?

    Get ready now

    About the Trainer

    Andre is an international expert in leadership development within large international corporate organizations. Based on broad personal experience as CEO and Vice President – Learning in international organizations, Andre has developed himself as a leadership consultant for organizations working in disruptive environments in a range of industries.

    The base of his interventions is normally on a Leadership Strategy that is created together with the client. In this, Leadership strategy will be considered the long-term strategic business direction of the organization, the Leadership needed to support the business strategy and the leadership intervention(s) to embed the Leadership aspired.

    Andre guides senior leaders, their teams and the complete organization in the development towards the aspired Leadership. His core area of expertise includes personal and team guidance, as an integrated approach of a Leadership strategy. His starting point is always that every leader has the ability to change his leadership capabilities when needed by the business strategy.

    As a CEO within IKEA and the Metro Group Andre has gained more than 20 years leadership experiences with large corporate organizations. During his time as Vice president Learning in the Metro Group and Carlsberg Group he has been involved in the design and implementation of Leadership interventions from the perspective of Learning. For the past four years Andre has been the Dean of the Leadership Academy Amsterdam. On top of that, he is invited frequently as an expert speaker on Leadership of the Future.

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