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    Do you want to learn about the different aspects of Organization Design and how to make it real?

    The Organizational Design at Pace Masterclass is a live-online two-day program that will provide an overview of the latest thinking on organizational design and the key phases and steps needed to effectively deliver an organizational design project. With a focus on the latest best practice tools and techniques for managing a redesign – at pace;

    and recap and reference the basic fundamentals of organizational design. The emphasis is on tried and tested practical approaches to deliver organizational design at pace – and give you the understanding, confidence and ownership of your new design to help you implement and deliver it effectively and efficiently.

    Post COVID is a new world: organizations will need new strategies and agility to survive and thrive organizational design can help you do this


    Digital teams and remote work aren’t going away


    Business models will continue to evolve (look how 2020 transformed at lightning speed!)


    Innovation should be on every part of the organization’s to-do list.


    Organizations that proactively and systematically approach org design are more prepared when constraints arise and more able to capitalize on new opportunities.

    Key takeaways and outcome of the program

    An introduction to ‘systems thinking’ and understand the place of organization design in this broader theory.
    Learn the ‘how’ of organization design: examining the different end-to-end design approaches, and the importance of strategy-led design.
    Understand the key components and importance of co-design methodology to effectively deliver an organization design project – and help build ownership, understanding and confidence in the new design.
    Gain a methodology, tools, and frameworks for undertaking organizational design. How to get your Design Principles right.
    Evaluate an organization’s design and identify its critical gaps.
    How to balance ‘centralization’ and ‘decentralization’ in your redesign.
    Learn how to make organization design actionable and real, in a hands-on environment using real-life case studies for practical understanding.
    How to choose your migration strategy for moving to your new structure.

    Who should attend?

    Do you desire to drive effective organizational design that encourages high performance and adaptability?
    This course is right for you if you are:

    • An Executive Leader
    • A Manager and Organizational Change Agent
    • A Corporate Leader
    • A Department Head
    • A Director and Manager of HR, Strategy & Performance, Org.Development, Org.Effectiveness or any other relevant functions.

    Learn from the best !

    “Graham” will share his knowledge and vast experience as an organizational design consultant and practitioner and how he has overcome the very many challenges that typically arise in re-design projects.

    Graham Dalton is one of the most experienced Organizational Design practitioners in the world – with over 18,000 hours of client-facing Organizational Design project delivery work (over 50 different clients and over 100 projects).
    Graham has a background in pharmaceutical science and worked for PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) for over 15 years (People & Change Director 2004 -2016).

    Since leaving PwC in 2016, Graham now works as an Independent Management Consultant and owner of Organizational Design Ltd. Graham now focuses his attention on sharing his skills, knowledge and experience with others through Organizational Design Masterclasses. Graham was chosen by Andrew Campbell to help deliver the four-day Advanced Organizational Design course at Ashridge Management School (2017 – ongoing); and has designed and delivered his own Organizational Design Masterclasses in the UK, across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and America.

    From his many years of OD project delivery work, Graham has fine-tuned his methods, tools, templates and techniques. The result of which is that Graham can now facilitate, guide and deliver the complex, strategic organizational design aspect of OD projects in a fraction of the time that most organizations and consultancy businesses take to deliver their design outputs.


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