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The HR function of the future has an amazing opportunity to influence the way organizations operate as the digital world of work continues to grow, and the human implications of the pandemic hopefully become clearer over time. The impact of HR during the pandemic in terms of communication, resourcing and supporting management has played to their historic skills. However, with the change that the crisis has brought us, now is the time to drive new expectations of the HR function.

The future of work has been talked about for years with stories about all jobs being replaced by robots and new automated processes. The pandemic has raised the importance of digital technologies and the access to new sources of data that comes with the automation of processes. Our focus will be to ensure that the application of a data driven HR function with a people analytics focus is future orientated and anchored in the opportunities that data can provide to demonstrate that HR can add real tangible business value.

Not a day goes by without more articles about the subject and various conferences promoting analytics with stunning visualizations and complex stories of how analytics has saved various organizations significant amounts of money. The whole HR function needs to be thinking in this way for the perception of the function to realistically change. The topic of people analytics can be confusing though.

Although data scientists, analytics experts and psychologists will be needed to undertake more complex predicative type of analysis, as it requires expertise and experience to be able to interrogate the data, a large proportion of data-based insights can be understood by mathematics and the interpretation of numbers, trends etc.

The focus throughout the masterclass is that the HR function talks about their interventions by using the language of the business, which is always commercially orientated, rather than the HR focus that we have become too familiar with. The workshop will focus upon the concepts, principles and learning’s that have been collected over the past 10 years of working in the people analytics space, both as a trainer and as a facilitator of people analytics related projects.


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Understand how and when data can be used to make better informed decisions across the employee lifecycle, so that you can position yourself as a strategic partner in your organization’s future talent management decisions.
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Learn from a range of real-life examples and in-depth examples to determine how to best create business value through data analytics at your organization.
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Understand the principles behind people analytics-based methodologies.
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Develop a clear appreciation of the sources of data and the challenges associated with building a robust technology platform.
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Develop a plan for implementing data-driven HR practices and embedding a culture of data-driven HR throughout the organization.

Learning Objectives

Through our methodical and progressive approach you will be able to:


Gain practical guidance on using data and analytics, informed by case studies, key models and diagnostic tools.


Understand how to work with experts and analysts to ensure you can utilize their expertise to drive relevant HR actions.


Increased understanding of how to use data and analytics in your organization, institutionalizing it as a part of how an agile HR function operates.


Understand the increasing importance of data when addressing business change and problems as an HR practitioner.


Develop the confidence to use data and people analytics to address key commercial and strategic challenges.


Break down some of the concerns that the HR community has when using data and analytical insights and gain an understanding of key principles and good practice.

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About The Trainer

Dave has a business background working in financial services in the area of retail and corporate lending and risk for some 8 years, followed by 30 years of internal and external HR consulting experience in NatWest/RBS, PSL, Kenexa and IBM as an occupational psychologist. Dave worked directly with different global and multi-national based organization’s offering Organizational Effectiveness-based solutions focusing on future proofing their businesses.

He is a regular presenter at Global HR conferences promoting the role of technology, people analytics and the need for HR to be more commercial in its’ approach so that it can demonstrate tangible business value. His first book ‘Introduction to People Analytics’ on the changing role of HR and the increasing demand for data insights was published in April 2020.

He’s referenced as being a key influencer on Twitter via HRCurator in a number of HR subject areas (28,700 followers). He’s an Associate with Corporate Research Forum (CRF), GPS Asia, the Centre for Effective Organizations (CEO) at the University of Southern California (USC) and is an Adviser to iPsychTec, a cultural analytics provider. He is one of Engage Employee’s Forward Thinkers for 2021.

Dave Millner
Author, Founder & Consulting Partner
HRCurator, CPsychol, FCIPD, ACIB

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